Wednesday, 8 February 2012

D’President’s Reply On Blog Comment


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply even thought don't fully understand it.
Sorry to say that I am not from the Corporate World so I really don't understand how can it benefits members and don't know how do you define "deserved member". I really hope what you did can help our members, as they are struggling in their life now.
I am not here to show you my ID number, praise you and re-type slogan "1 team 1 heart 1 vision" then go back pray my god that you will bank in some money to me. Sorry, if I offence some of the members here.
I am here to understand more and what is the action plan we can help our members.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I would like to share my experience. As I was browsing through the interner & at the same time I was cleaning my handbag & there it was my IDC loyalty card. AM I A DESERVED MEMBER??? Its been 2 years,if I'm not mistaken, IDC have failed me as a member & the person who pulled me in with my husband,made us suffer. we end up paying monthly bank loans for nothing? where are all the promises given to us. Diamond rings? handphones? laptops? or monthly income? NO! nothing! We spend thousands of Ringgit to get what? nothing. I'm sorry to tell u this but this is the truth. Something went wrong. But what happen? No one came back to us. The one who introduced IDC to us refused to talk & does not allow us to talk to u directly. Please..I need anwsers.