Tuesday, 2 August 2011


"Seorang lelaki MUALAF yang pernah berlakon dalam beberapa buah drama Cina, rupa-rupanya turut bijak berlakon apabila berjaya memperdaya RIBUAN MANGSA YANG MENYERTAI SKIM MLM anjurannya, menyebabkan mangsa kerugian hampir RM50 JUTA!!!


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Razif Ismail said...

Dear Mr. Kin,,

I am Razif Ismail and one of your very bottom downline in IDC program.

My purpose to write this note is just want clarification from you about my status in IDC and how can I get back my money from this program. Please don't blame me, but until now I don't get any benefit from joining this program, accept PROBLEM.

Be frank, I didn't know any news from this company after 2 months I join this program. Until know, it's almost 2 years I didn't received any news from upline and and what the story behind it.

I am very angry and disappointed about some sort of thing happen in IDC. And the main thing, me, as a member of IDC, feel being ignored from the company just like a Malay proverb 'Habis Madu Sepah Dibuang'.

Because of my believed in this company, I have invested around RM 60,000 and I am using my personal loan to involve in this company. Until now, I had to pay the debt without getting any return.

If you kind and willing to help me and also respect my believed in this company before, please contact me by email, and if you can, please email your number phone and I will contact you.

Please Mr. Kin, I am in very need your help, at least you can hear my problem. Until know, I didn’t make any logged police report because I need the explanation from you.