Thursday, 19 January 2012



Anonymous said...

Hope u will pay us all our rebates that u have owe us cuz that is the only good news for all of us. Empty promises and hope cannot bring back our money to us. Please don't post anything here or daydream to make a come back if u still unable to pay us our rebates. We will see tomorrow whether u really work hard this 2 years or just daydream!

Anonymous said...

To This Member,

First of all please get your facts right before u even dare to post another comment on this blog.
In actual fact U were day dreaming not me with your 7D concept.
U r one of those non “DESERVING MEMBERS” as far as i am concern based on the points highlighted below:

1)Did D’President signed U up & promised u The World?
or someone else did? Pls seek for yr compensation from whoever that sold u the DREAM surely not me!!!!
So stop dreaming!!!!!

2)Ask yourself as & when u were being approached by God knows who? Were u aware of our business module?Or u just couldn’t be bothered?
Why i keep on hearing my members saying that they had invested this much , this amount & so on?
Have i awaken u? For goodness sake.. wake up!
That was why i created this blog due there are so many ignorant people like u.
However among you all there are some genuine cases of our members being cheated by the introducers or leaders.
These are the “DESERVING MEMBERS” which i am referring to & i wish to help.

3)Since u r being rude to D’President who is the only living soul that willing to take in all the responsibility for the betterment of our members & just by you being rude & ungrateful which had resulted D’President pulling back what he had planned & worked on for his people.

To All My members.. I am sorry that i am no longer willing or interested to help any one of our members due to this ungrateful & KURANG AJAR person.

To be more blunt I am not obligated to share any of my corporate earnings with any one of u.

Lastly pls don’t give me the reason or excuse by saying that u joined or u preferred to use the word invested? Simply because u trusted D'President????
Really ???? I have doubt in you????
U only trusted nothing else but money & your greed had ended u in this position not me. Where people like u had ruined my reputation & good name.
If your success story & track records are of thicker than mine than only u may speak louder than me, if not i shall shut u off.
I hope i have made it crystal clear to all my members.

From: D'President

Anonymous said...

Kami IDC members akan sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kemajuaan Preident,

Take ur Time to settle all the problem. dan kami akan sentiasa menunggu yang terbaik dari President.

Abaikan segala kata2 negatif dan segala unsur2 negatif yang sentiasa ingin menjatuhkan IDC dan President. Mereka hanya tahu komen tanpe berusaha untuk memulihkan kembali IDC.

kami sentiasa mendoakan agar President dipermudahkan dalam segala uruskan serta berjaya melaksanakan segala pelan untuk membangun kan IDC members ..

kami sentisa menunggu kebangitan President kembali..

moga ALLah memberkati mu .. amin..

IDC members
MY 93214651

Anonymous said...

we All always with u..
hope IDC will reborn ..

1 Team , 1 Heart , 1 vision

Anonymous said...

Teruskan usaha anda Tuan President..
kami sentiasa Support ..

jangan di layan segala kata2 orang yang tidak suke orang lain untuk maju semula.

teruskan usaha anda utk reborn IDC

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih President kerana dengan ada nya blog ini kami ahli boleh terus mengikuti perkembangan dari IDC dan President..

teruskan usaha untuk membantu IDC members

LEILA said...

:-) happy cny...when u r ready please inform me...!!wish u have a good begining and sucessful through out all the "years"...!!


Anonymous said...

To Mr President,

Im glad that you still here and want to help us. Just ignore that 'Kurang Ajar' people. This people is only 1 over 1 thousand.

Please help us president.
Im one of the cheated member from the group of Azrin@Badak from RVN.

May Allah bless u. Tq very much!

1 Team , 1 Heart , 1 vision

Anonymous said...

cayoookkk !!!!

new year and new era for president and idc ..

love u alls..

1 team , 1 heart , 1 vision

Anonymous said...

Happy CNY to President dan semua IDC members..
sama-sama berdoa agar IDC pulih kembali dan agar President di permudahkan serta suksess utk membantu semua IDC members..

1 team, 1 heart , 1 vision

- Khairul Ariffin -

Anonymous said...