Wednesday, 11 January 2012


To All My Members,

Hope everyone could withstand a little while longer.

Definitely as promised i will be announcing some good news as an initial booster to uplift everybody’s mood and at the same time allow me to restore your that little bit leftover hope & faith where I wish to regain all your trust in no time.

None of our members are required to do anything in exchange for what I termed as “REBUILDING” stage. The overall sentiment, confidence & trust level shall increase soon after the announcement is being made.

Let your President show you what does he meant by“Wealth is Meant To Be Shared”?  

Like what i have said, in order for us to regain lost grounds the fastest & most effective way is none other than through the Corporate World.

For those of you still wondering what is our President up to? 
What is his hidden motive on setting up this blog?
Why after such a long time only he decided to make a come back?

If any one of you still having that doubt on me then here are my *Magnificent  7Rs Reasoning*  

        *   Responsible & Rescue   - Our members & as for IDC’s current situation trust me no one 
                                                 would ever dare to take or to claim ownership & be
                                                 responsible for all the members simply because what were   
                                                 left behind are nothing but just liabilities + liabilities

         *   Repay & Reduce            - Your burden by sharing my Corporate earnings with selected  
                                                    “Deserving Members”

        *    Restore & Regain           - Confidence & Trust
         *   Reunite & Rejoice           - With all my members 
         *   Reposition & Restructure  - Our Group of Companies
         *   Reform & Restart           - Our business with what I termed as “Magnetic Network”
                                                     Remember BUSINESS is All About PEOPLE
          *  Revenue & Reward        - Together we shall share the “WEALTH"

                      Together We Stand @ We Can & We Shall Create Another Miracle



member indonesia said...

Semoga mimpi ini menjadi kenyataan, kembalikan kejayaan IDC, dan jangan lupakan kami yang di Indonesia

Hafizi said...

Saya juga berharap menjadi kenyataan kerana setiap detik saya memikirkan terpaksa membayar kepada kawan2 sekampung menggunakan duit gaji sendiri.. Saya berharap sangat D,President dapat memandang kepada orang sentiasa menyokongnya...

Hafizi said...

bagaimanakah keadaan Kgen sekarang selepas pelbagai masalah dihadapai... Sila beri penjelasan dan penerangan kepada ahli yang ingin mengetahui....

Anonymous said...

How do u define "selected deserving members"?

Sim lee Joong said...

Albert from East Malaysia always prayed for your recovery mainly for all fellowships. good lucks!

Anonymous said...

semoga kami mendapat duit kami balik.. setidaknya permulaan modal sahaja.. kami tadak meminta lebih..

Anonymous said...

betul saya setuju boleh bai modal balik pun cukup la ble settle balik ngan bank.....

Anonymous said...

harap d'president dapat memahami masalah kami yang di tipu bulat2 oleh leader2 yang xberhati perut,hanya allah dapat membalasnya insyallah.....tidak ku halalkan walau 1sen pun,jawab lah d akhirat kelak

Anonymous said...

Vincent say...
May God be with you always and may God lift you up again! Everyone deserves to be heard, as long as the intention is good. Genuine intention to relieve those who have gone through hardship is noble. God bless you, Kin.